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Providing Everything You Need

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Corporate Bookings

Ashley offers a wide array of different options for Corporate Bookings, including solo shows, group shows, hosting, games, Drag Bingo, Drag Trivia, etc. Get in touch, let us know what you need!


If you have a party, Ashley is your Queen. Having entertained at hundreds of events, Ashley is THE go-to Drag Queen for all things fun. Whether you need a quick show to wow guests, or some fun games leaving your Hen saying "Omg!", or maybe even just someone to liven up a party, she can do it all!

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When Ashley isn't entertaining guests with her shows, comedy, lip-sync prowess, or beauty, she's also a DJ! Specializing in all things pop music with camp classics, disco tunes, and plenty of fun remixes, Ashley is the perfect DJ to entertain at your next event!

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